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Definition of Growth and Development

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Growth and Development
Growth and development are two terms that are always used in psychology. Some psychologists view the two terms differently, but others view the term development includes the meaning of growth. In general, these two terms have similarities and differences. The second similarity relates to changes in the individual. The difference is in the type of change that occurs.

The definition of growth is a change that occurs quantitatively which includes an increase in size and structure. Growth is related to changes in the size, number, size or dimensions of the organ or individual cell level which can be measured by weight, length, bone age, and metabolic balance.

Understanding growth is a process of increasing the number of body cells of an organism accompanied by an irreversible increase in size, weight, and height (cannot return to its original state). Growth is more quantitative in nature, where a small organism becomes larger over time.

The definition of development is the increase in abilities or skills in more complex body structures and functions in a regular and predictable pattern as a result of the maturation process. Development involves the process of maturation of body cells, body tissues, organs, and organ systems that develop in their own way, so that they can fulfill their functions.

Hurlock (1980: 2) states development as a series of progressive changes that occur as a result of the process of maturity and experience. Daele as quoted by Hurlock (1980: 2) states "development means qualitative change." Development is one of the changes in organisms towards maturity and usually cannot be measured by measuring instruments. For example, the maturation of ovum and sperm cells or the maturation of hormones in the body.

Hasan (2006: 13) states that development means all qualitative and quantitative changes that accompany the growth and process of human maturity. Development is a comprehensive process when individuals adapt to their environment. Development occurs throughout human life with certain stages. Human development starts from infancy to old age.

The same thing is also explained by Hurlock (1980: 3) that basically two development processes, namely growth or evolution and decline or involution occur simultaneously in human life. However, these two processes never stop throughout human life. At the time of the child's physical growth to be prima donna growth compared to other parts, but in old age physical decline and changes in the nature of the mind changes more than others.

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